About Us


Digital Broadcast Initiative, Equal Access (DBI EA) is a nonprofit, non-government organization established in February 2004 in Nepal with a goal to create positive change by providing critical information using Communication for Development (C4D) approaches. DBI EA aims to accomplish this goal by using the media, state of the art information and communication technology (ICT), effective partnerships and local community engagement. Since its inception in 2004, DBI-EA has implemented projects on an array of thematic areas including media development, health, agriculture and livelihood, human rights and transitional justice, good governance, primary education and early childhood development, gender issues, adolescent issues, and local development among others.

DBI-EA creates customized communication and outreach solutions to address the critical issues across Nepal. This is accomplished through close partnerships with community radios and local media, which ensures greater local ownership, impact and sustainability. The communication component includes designing, producing compelling multilingual audio and multimedia content and broadcasting through national and local FM networks. Outreach activities include a wide range of activities like training, orientation, local partnerships, local content, Radio Discussion Groups (RDGs), public hearing, discussion forum, and edutainment fair. All activities are guided by DBI EA’s experiences in Social and Behavior Change Communication (SBCC).


Our Vision

An informed and equitable society where all voices are heard and respected.


Our Mission

To reach the unreached by providing critically needed information and knowledge through media, capacity building and community engagement for positive transformation. 



    • Empower people by increasing their access to information
    • Promote dialogue at community level of topics that affect the lives of people
    • Increase community empowerment and increase self-efficacy at the community level
    • Increase capacity/competency to improve social and economic position/situation at the community level