Board Members

Yogi Kayastha, Chairperson

Yogi Kayastha has over 25 years work experience working for national and international and multilateral development agencies in the field of monitoring, evaluation,  research, reporting and documentation. His specialized areas of work are renewable energy, rural tourism, education, sustainable agriculture, climate change and disaster risk reduction.  He worked at Equal Access in 2007-8. He has been working for a Norwegian INGO as Country Coordinator since 2009.

Saroj KC, Vice Chairperson

Saroj KC is a multimedia storyteller and SBCC practitioner who began his career as a drama writer at Antenna Foundation Nepal at the age of 19, in 2008.

Throughout his 14 years career he has worked with national and international communication and media related organizations including Antenna Foundation Nepal, DBI EA, BBC Media Action and EAI, in different capacities ranging from producer, mentor, drama production manager, drama production consultant and multimedia consultant. He has been trained on ‘Soaps and Society’ at Radio Netherlands Training Center in Netherlands in 2014. He is fond of writing songs and poetry. He has penned some popular Nepali songs and is known as a lyricist.

Prakash Lamichhane, General Secretary

Prakash Lamichhane has worked in the development communication sector for 20 years, mainly in the areas of Radio/TV program and PSA production, survey and research, training and capacity building. Prakash has worked in the various thematic areas of development communication like; governance, transitional justice, civic engagement, gender equality and social inclusion, participatory development, peace building, political rights and voters education with various organizations. He worked at Equal Access from 2009 to 2018.

Nabodita Subedi, Treasurer

Nabodita Subedi has been involved in the social development sector of Nepal since 2005. Working as a Social Behaviour Change Communicator for over two decades, she is a resourceful, result-oriented and driven individual with proven and successful experience professionally. She has a reputed track record in managing enterprises (both profit and non-profit making) globally and has technical and sound expertise in both project management and technical business consultancies. She has a diverse technical and programmatic management background and skill sets. During her engagement in the social development sector of Nepal she has worked in various areas such as: gender, youth engagement, public health, prevention of violence against women and girls, men’s engagement for prevention of all kinds of violence, governance, media engagement and mobilisation, women and girl’s empowerment; including importance of Information, Communication and Technology (ICT) for social development. During her education process, work experience and engagement on both national and international level, she is known to have built good working relationships with government authorities, funding partners as well as local beneficiaries.

Kamala Pokharel, Member

Kamala Pokharel has over 13 years of professional experience working in various areas such as governance, advocacy, gender and social inclusion. With her studies in social science majoring in gender she brings the knowledge and awareness of various social issues from the gender and ethnic perspective in Nepal. During her working experiences in Nepal, she has worked well and built good rapport with different NGOs, INGOs, other funding partners and local level stakeholders. She has been engaged with DBI EA since 2014.

Barsha Pradhan, Member

Barsha Pradhan has worked in the development sector for 20 years, mainly in the areas of planning, monitoring, research, reporting and evaluation. She has worked in the thematic areas of development communication, education, child rights, gender equality and women empowerment, labour rights, peace building, earthquake recovery and reconstruction with various INGOs, bilateral and UN. She worked at Equal Access in 2007.

Jiwan Timalsina, Member