Radio Programs

Effectively designing, producing, disseminating, and evaluating various aspects of social behavior change communication-based radio programs is our USP. We have already produced over 100 thousand minutes of audio content and we have a strong network of over 200 radio stations across Nepal who work with us on a regular basis to make our behavior change communication and community engagement goals possible.
Some of our radio programs are considered milestone achievements in Nepal’s radio movement history. From the very first generation of FM radio stations to 700 of them across Nepal now, DBI EA is a household name to effectively carries out messages that aspire to positive changes in communities.
Overall, we take pride in establishing some of the well-appreciated best practices in terms of radio engagement activities in Nepal.

Bhanchhin Aama

‘Bhanchhin Aama’ is a proven SBCC approach applied by Suaahara II as an ideal platform to interact and drive the listeners for their behavioral change with small doable actions/initiations, which has been going on air since the first phase of Suaahara II. Since the start, ‘Bhanchhin Aama’ has touched millions of lives of 1000 days’ mother and her families across 42 Suaahara II districts. This program has a significant impact in informing, educating, and motivating people for their behavioral change focusing on health and nutrition behaviors, and is the established as a trusted source of information related to 1000 days’ period.

Saathi Sanga Manka Kura

A Youth Programme designed by the Youths for the Youths. SSMK airs in more than 150 FM stations in Nepal and has been acclaimed as the most listened-to radio programme by young people in Nepal.

Shram Sawaal

Under collaboration with IOM for the Dakchayata project, DBI EA executed a national-level media partner to develop and broadcast radio programs (20 radio magazines & 40 radio live programs) to sensitize local communities to encourage migrant workers from all gender groups, to gain skills for better income generation opportunities and safe migration to further make them aware of ongoing skills programs where they can participate and enhance their skills. 

The radio magazines link: