Board of directors

Our board of directors is democratically and inclusively elected through a general assembly of members every two years. Anybody who has served in the organization in the past two decades as a staff is eligible to become a member and has voting rights to select the board of directors.


Mr. Babu Kaji Karki is a highly experienced professional with over 25 years of expertise in various roles within development organizations, INGOs, and successful business firms in Nepal. Currently, he holds the position of Executive Committee Member and Vice-Chair of the employee council at the Federation of Nepalese Chamber of Commerce and Industry (FNCCI). In addition to his role at FNCCI, Mr. Karki serves as the Chairperson of Saanvi Commercial Pvt. Ltd. Furthermore, he is actively involved as a board member in several esteemed organizations, including Southwestern School, Budhanilkantha Heritage Ltd., Business Group Pvt. Ltd., Gautam Buddha International Medical College Hospital & Research Center, and Om Hospital & Research Center.
Prior to his current engagements, Mr. Karki worked as the Budget and Finance Director at DBI EA from 2007 to 2011, where he made significant contributions to the organization’s financial management.


Jiwan Timalsinais a seasoned development professional with over fifteen years of experience in NGOs. His expertise includes media, FM radio networks, radio content development, and implementing communication strategies for social and behavioral change along with his active involvement in diverse training programs, covering topics such as group facilitation skills, governance & local development, and gender-based violence awareness. In addition to his professional achievements, Jiwan is an entrepreneur who successfully manages a thriving goat farm. Jiwan is deeply committed to educational research projects, particularly in Nepal, where basic literacy levels are critically low.

Prakash Lamichhane has worked in the development communication sector for 20 years, mainly in the areas of Radio/TV program and PSA production, survey and research, training and capacity building. Prakash has worked in the various thematic areas of development communication like; governance, transitional justice, civic engagement, gender equality and social inclusion, participatory development, peace building, political rights and voters education with various organizations. He worked at Equal Access from 2009 to 2018.

Kamala Pokharel has over 16 years of professional experience working in various areas such as governance, advocacy, gender and social inclusion. With her studies in social science majoring in gender she brings the knowledge and awareness of various social issues from the gender and ethnic perspective in Nepal. During her working experiences in Nepal, she has worked well and built good rapport with different NGOs, INGOs, other funding partners and local level stakeholders. She has been engaged with DBI EA since 2014.


Madhavi Karn is a seasoned content producer with 15 years of experience in development communication. She has specialized in producing content for radio, television, and online platforms with extended expertise in program and PSA production, research, capacity-building training, outreach events, product branding, and content and audience analysis.
In the past, she has worked with renowned organizations such as Equal Access Nepal, Antenna Foundation, Ujjyalo FM, Saptakoshi FM, and many others. She has an eye for analyzing content and audience preferences, ensuring that messages are tailored to maximize their impact. With a passion for storytelling and a commitment to excellence, Madhavi now works to create collaborative environments, leveraging her expertise to create engaging and influential communication materials.


Karuna Paudel possesses a diverse skill set in development communication and information technology, cultivated through her experience in the telecom industry. Her career journey has encompassed roles in local FM journalism and various areas within the development sector. Notably, her time at Equal Access Nepal allowed her to specialize in child and maternal health, contributing to projects and campaigns aimed at enhancing the well-being of children and mothers in Nepal. Additionally, her involvement in integrated curriculum development at Niros oy Finland provided her with expertise in educational and curriculum design. With her combined skills and experiences in communication, technology, and development, Karuna Paudel is poised to be a valuable asset in a range of roles within these fields.


Keshav Gurung is a young professional with over a decade of experience in diverse media-related roles. He has engaged actively in tasks such as audio-video mixing and equipment operation. Specifically, Gurung has served as a photojournalist for Gorakhapatra Online for four years, building on three years of prior experience.